Name: Kristian Axelsson
Occupation/Title: Lead Data Scientist
Nationality: Swedish
Data Science History: Been a data scientist scince 2014
Fields of Interest: Web Scraping
Machine Learning
Text Mining
Tidy Data
Data Visualisations
Programming Languages: R

The Reason for This Web Site?

I am passionate about the possibilities that come with data, mainly the possibilities to drastically improve the decisions and choices we make due to the accuracy in data analysis. It is important to remember that data is just another tool we can use in order to improve the possibilities of solving certain problems. Moreover, data in itself is not a solution, but rather, data can be transformed through data analysis to provide solutions for problems. And that is the reason for this site, namely to try to give examples of the different kind of problems where data can help to solve problems, as well as processes and techniques that is applied within data science in order to solve problems and create actionable decision basis or solutions.

Briefly About Me

I am a behavioural economist and data scientist by trade, and I love what I do. I’m passionate about exploring different data and try to find patterns that are of interest for organisations, and to communicate them in a way where the findings can act as decision basis which decision makers are able to act upon. That, according to me, is both a craft and an art, which I take great pride in practising. Like any other art, it is important to express your craftsmanship through a story, in order to impact your audience. This page is a way for me to try to spread my passion for data science and to hopefully get others inspired and interested in data.

Other Places You Can Find Me